The Crows And The Serpent

Once upon a time there was a banyan tree in small village. On this tree, a pair of crows lived with their children and a big black serpent lived in the root of tree. Whenever crows laid their eggs, the serpent crept on the tree and ate all the eggs and crows were unable to …

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Processing data in collection with JAVA 8 Streams


In Every single program, we use collection for storing data and processed. For example we want to create collection for student data to represent student then we want to process student data to find student names whose age greater than 25 and arrange in sorted order by name In Ordinary database SQL query looks like: …

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Java8 Lamda Expression

Lamda Expression is an anonymous function/class means function/class without name, access modifiers and return value. If your anonymous class implementation is very simple, like contains only one method, then syntax of anonymous class seems long and unclear, if you want to pass the functionality to another method as argument such as what action should be …

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Most awaited upcoming movies of Bollywood


There are 3 months left in the year and Bollywood already scene some great movies in this year like Rowdy Rathore, Ek tha Tiger Barfi etc. Here are some upcoming movies of Bollywood those can be go to height of the entertainment and fill you with lots of joy. Heroine Heroine  is an upcoming movie …

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Amir Khan is back with “Talaash”; Watch Trailer

After a long time actor Amir Khan is back as actor in film industry with his new movie “Talaash”. In between Amir’s had baby, met with prime minister, produce a few movies, debut on Indian television and appeared on the cover of Time magazine. Talaash is a psychological  thriller(psychological thrillers haven’t much popular style in …

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Watch The New Dark Knight Rises Trailer


The new Dark Knight Rises trailer is out and looks really amazing.  This movie is going to be dark and glorious. The Dark knight Rises is an upcoming superhero film directed by Christopher Nolan, based on the DC Comics character Batman. Which will be released on July 21. This film is a sequel to Batman …

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Google Ranks Countries With Fastest Internet Service; India Fares In Bottom List


Google compiled page load data for countries around the world and ranked them by speed. Google measured Web page load speeds on desktop computers and mobile device in 50 countries with the fastest Internet connections. Slovak Republic tops the table with 3.3 seconds fastest average time for loading web pages on a desktop computer. While …

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Watch how an iPad gets made and who exactly builds it


A lot of fuss has been made about Foxconn and the working condition of the people who work in its factories. But, we never really got how these people work and how they make the products. Thanks to American public Media’s Marketplace correspondent Rob Schmitz, we can all take a peek at the iPad production …

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Watch Asia Cup India Vs Pakistan match Online

Watch Asia Cup  Cricket match India Vs Pakistan online


Top 10 Google Doodles of 2011

The year of 2011 had seen brilliant set of Google Doodles. Some of them were as iconic as the icons the celebrated. The first ever Google Doodle used by Google was the Burning Man Festival, designed by Google’s founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Posted on notifying users of their absence in case Google’s …

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